Gav Emoji Show flyer 1600.jpg

Book launch show at KK Outlet

Specially for London's KK Outlet, author Gavin Lucas selected images from the book and captioned each to reveal its relevance and importance in the intriguing (hi)story of the tiny images we now take for granted in our digital communications.

The exhibition also showcased the new emoji characters created for the book by image-makers including Noma Bar, Emmi Salonen, Crispin Finn, Friso Blankevoort, Lucy Vigrass, David Henckel, Rob Flowers, Serge Seidlitz, and Julian Morey. 

These new emoji characters were also celebrated in the form of a series of button badges by Stereohype that were launched at the show and are available to buy for ÂŖ1.50 each here.

The show ran from 4-16 April at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square.

Gavin Lucas would like to thank Tomi Vollauschek at FL@33 (designer of the book) and Steve Day for their hugely generous and invaluable support with regards to getting the exhibition together. Big thanks to Danielle and all at KK Outlet too 🙌.